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Immune Breakthrough – The Newly Found out Repair Loop



If you are a person of the fortunate individuals on the earth who scarcely at any time has to feel about your well being mainly because… very well, because you are “healthful,” then you’ve got also likely never ever spent considerably time pondering about why you have had such good fortune.  When pressed for a rationale why, you may perhaps have attributed it to a “potent structure” or “great genes.” And, you would be ideal!

But there are people of us who have experienced health issues, and are however on the lookout for answers beyond the “standard 4”.  Diet, slumber, exercising, new air and sunshine, a simplistic wellness product which has not worked for all people.  Why?  Probably simply because ignored was the importance of a powerful defense method.  Most of you have most likely in no way heard of the “Repair service Loop” and neither experienced I until I picked up a e-book by Robert Becker, MD, Cross Currents.  Following years of scientific experiments on salamanders that  conveniently re-grow tails, eyes and paws, Dr. Becker deduced that these lowly lizards had what he called an “intact Repair Loop”.   And we as human beings do not!  Our bones are the exception he claimed, mainly because they fix rapidly and conveniently, correctly set or not.1

Dr. Becker’s question was, “What happened to the human Maintenance Loop?”  With intuited study the puzzle pieces begun slipping into position.  Wholesome people today have a fully working Mend Loop and people who are going through unwellness in any form have a weakened Mend Loop.  For the reason that the body performs with subtle electrical frequencies, a closed electrical circuit or loop is important for the completion of the repair service system.  It would be analogous to flipping a gentle switch to shut the hole in the electrical circuit to change on a light-weight.2

The  12-Section Restore Loop

If you are encountering chronic well being worries, it may perhaps be that a element of the Repair service Loop is weakened and thus leading to the human body to be incapable of completing the mend method.  Intuited investigation tells us there are twelve areas necessary to complete the loop for entire mobile restore essential for radical wellness.2  This can be very easily verified by means of kinesiology (muscle-examining) or dowsing. 

1.  Axiatonal Strains- These energetic lines hook up the bio-cellular action of the overall body to greater energetic grids by means of the acupuncture-meridian technique.3 When destroyed, the movement of Daily life Power, which feeds the cells, is interrupted resulting in the cells to gradually shut down.  The final results can be wasting ailments these types of as many sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, ALS/Lou Gerhig’s Sickness.  With diminished renewal of what other cultures call “prana” or “chi”, the time aspect for cell shutdown is typically amongst 10 and forty many years.4

2.  Infinite Electrical power Field+ (IEF+)-Bordering the actual physical and vibrating at speeds past mild velocity, this electricity industry might be comprised of extra than the four electrical power bodies as a result much noted- potentially infinite in number.5 Now it is intuited to contain at least four unique “power fields” which carry the data templates for development, improvement and repair of the actual physical system.6

3.  Harmonic Electric System-investigate has confirmed that electricity is crucial to the daily life approach beginning with the wellness and therapeutic of the physique.  Chaotic electrical as it impacts the harmonic electrical procedure is its destroyer.7

4.  Brain’s Energy Protect (or Psychic Sheath)-is to the mind what the aura is to the physique.  When broken, the loss of this normal protection can end result in feelings and thoughts that are not of “self”.  The effects may array from melancholy, small self-esteem or aggrandizement to inappropriate text and steps, “highway rage”, post-partum despair, anorexia, schizophrenia and suicide, amongst other factors.7

5.  Immune Method – Dependent in the thymus, a superior immune procedure acknowledges and destroys any and all invaders international to the human body.  A small immune reaction displays up promptly in a sample of unwellness or normal failure to prosper.

6.  Mobile Harmonics – The mobile communication method of “increased harmonic frequencies” allows the cells to: send and obtain facts on their level of wellness begin and cease the repair service method (Cellular Repair Reaction Program/CRRS) start out the differentiation course of action, stimulate expansion and regenerate “non-working” cells.9  This course of action is dependent on the presence of “structured water” (smaller sized clusters with a one of a kind hexagon shape) which are shaped to penetrate the pores of the cells, balanced electrolytes (sodium-potassium) and the suitable electrical frequencies of normal harmonic electrical as opposed to the damaging male-designed chaotic electric powered.10

7.  Electrolyte Stability – With the good equilibrium of these necessary minerals, a sodium-potassium pumping motion is   set up to continue to keep the body’s 75 trillion cells nutritious through the influx of vitamins and minerals and the launch of mobile wastes.

8.  Physique pH (acid/balanced) – The entire body was built to continuously watch and balance the   acid/alkaline base of the human process, retaining it a bit alkaline for overall health and therapeutic by shifting sodium from the stomach lining and joints and calcium from the bones to buffer any acidity back again to a perfect 7.2 – 7.4 alkalinety.

9.  DNA Molecule – The blueprint for expansion and maintenance is existing in just about every mobile at start.  Genetic structural memory  when weakened can consequence in imperfect cellular repair.

10.  Gland of Regeneration – This tiny gland found guiding the liver was learned by Robert Detzler, a healer in the Pacific Northwest.  Much of Detzler’s information and facts comes through intuited research.  The vital function of this small-regarded gland is to keep mobile power and integrity and aid in cell regeneration.11  Fully working cells are in a regular cycle of repair as opposed to a breakdown mode the foundation of sickness.

11.  Intent-to-be-Perfectly – The intent to endure or get back one’s health and fitness generates a optimistic reaction in the cells, at all concentrations.  The entire body-head-spirit relationship has an incredible ability for therapeutic.  A absence of religion or…

the decline of hope can be the big difference between a life of radiant well being or disorder, everyday living or demise.  There is no this kind of thing as “phony” hope.12

12.  Destiny – trumps all the above.

Author and medical doctor, Richard Gerber, suggests that all ailment commences at the etheric amount or higher, leaching down into the human body all through states of compromised overall health.  The vitality intuitive has the potential to decide up on these frequencies of malfunction many years prior to they manifest in the physique as illness. 

Damaging Variables

It really is quite probable that you may already have a feeling of how nicely your Repair Loop is working.  If it is not robust, why?  A lifetime of illness can eventually be traced back again to 4 elements, namely human body trauma, emotional trauma, toxic compounds and chaotic electrical, any a person of which can damage or totally demolish the body’s remarkable defense procedure.  If hurt is induced by absence of oxygen, h2o or food items, or severe heat or chilly it may well be past maintenance.  Even a kid born nutritious, expanding up in present-day globe can be confronted with the chance of sick health and fitness and sickness principally owing to Mend Loop hurt.

o Body Trauma is a different forgotten destroyer of the Restore Loop, whether caused by a car crash, a slide or athletics harm, surgical procedures or dental methods.  Even if anesthesia makes one particular oblivious, the body appreciates, and the Maintenance Loop registers damage.

o Emotional Trauma might appear to be insignificant when put together with poisoning, electric powered and body trauma, nevertheless its effects are very real.  Introduced on by a demise, a hard divorce, the prognosis of a significant sickness, the decline of a task or a beloved pet, the end result is generally shattered emotions.  The intense emotions of fright or abandonment, even in infancy, can indelibly have an impact on wellness for a life time.

o Toxins accumulate at the mobile degree by means of inhalation, ingestion, injection and absorption until finally above a period of time of time they get to “critical mass” and the Maintenance Loop is ruined, placing a ceiling on the system’s means to self-mend.

Inhaled-paint, hair sprays, cigarette smoke, home cleaners and bronchodilators are but a couple of the hundreds and hundreds of day-to-day assaults on the human system by inhalation.

Ingested-involves something swallowed like pesticide-laden produce, the chemical additives of “faux foods”, sugar, drugs, alcohol and coffee to identify but a few.

Injected-people that split by way of the skin.  In this category we find flu pictures and botox treatment options, insect stings, the toxic bite of a snake or the scratch of an oleander bush.

Absorbed-by way of the skin or mucus membranes.  Contains sunblockers, cosmetics, eye drops, hair dye, bogus nails, tampons, perfume or aftershave, deodorants and 

some mouthwashes.  And do look at the warning label on your toothpaste. 

Intuited exploration tells us that guy-manufactured contaminants are stored absent by the entire body in organs or systems as effectively as cysts and tumors.  On the other hand, if the hurt is by “normal poisoning” (toxic vegetation, insects, and many others.), the cells are able to browse the frequencies and react by turning “on” the restore process (CRRS) sending acidic cytokine hormones to the website of harm.  The resultant irritation cleans up the poisons and wounded tissue as very well as any microbes to prevent infections.

o Chaotic Electric surrounds us from products we by now suspected as “hazardous” like our cell phones, pcs and TVs to issues we by no means deemed as able of harm like hair dryers and shaversElectric powered blanket and waterbed are plugged into an outlet surrounding us with an “electrical industry” all evening extensive.  The clock radio on your night stand, or the “electric box” we drive about in – your automobile.  Our contemporary society provides us chaotic electric overload, the risk most devastating of all in its potential to effects the body’s harmonic electrical procedure.

Reversing the Breakdown System

Once identified as Repair service Loop damage, there are lots of purely natural therapies that can enable reverse this scenario, although outcomes even just after many years of dedicated work are frequently small.  It’s reminiscent of the lady who had been utilizing homeopathy for 6 a long time and when requested if she had observed a variation, she answered, “not nonetheless.”  You know you might be not acquiring perfectly if immediately after a sensible time you are not sensation greater.  Then once again, sensation “much better” is not the similar as becoming “properly”.  How do you know the variation?  If you end working with the solutions or the remedy, do the indicators occur back?  If you have to continue your regimen to feel “greater” then it is only supporting your system, not repairing it.

Now there is another choice, “energy medication” for cleaning vibrationally at the molecular amount. And even better, the cleansing can be achieved early on ahead of the coronary heart pains, bouts of bronchial asthma, assaults of stress or depression or the locked-up joints of arthritis, or memory reduction.  It’s named “preventive medicine”.

For the reason that frequency formulas are h2o-dependent they can be utilised for youngsters and even new child infants. Think about a existence totally free from disorder.  Experts are declaring that it can be probable through deep mobile cleaning.  Energy medicine is certainly a wave of the long run, providing responses for some of the most hard wellbeing challenges in our society currently.

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